netherland dwarf - may the piper|totokokolabel


[ totokoko 030 ]

cover artwork by Yuriko Yamamoto
netherland dwarf - may the piper

track list

01 may the piper
02 pole pole
03 cloud 9
04 hammock cafe
05 siciliano
06 urban tango
07 mocha
08 may the piper (dot tape dot remix)

mastered by yuki kaneko (polyphonic parachute)

'netherland dwarf' is the name of a kind of rabbit.

our music is similar to the rabbits,
because the movement of both of them is restless and unpredictable.

the pop and hail-fellow-well-met image of the rabbit is
also our ideal and target to the music.


2011 moi moi (musea parallele)