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[ totokoko 025 ]

he died while hunting - we used to dream awake

track list

01 victoria part 1
02 jeugd
03 again journey
04 thin mountain air
05 love + hate

With electric and acoustic guitars, loops and field recordings,
rhythms sounding like an old clock or tribal dances, timid and haunted vocals,
he died while hunting delivers a minimalist folk electronica post-everything but post-nothing.


ポスト○○と、よく目にしますが、he died while huntingではpost-everything であっても、post-nothing、


he died while hunting was started in 2009 by cédric van mol as an experimental solo project.
rather than dying while hunting, cédric preferred to travel in his cellar
while making music inspired by contemplative movies or imaginary lives.
The project evolved in december 2010 towards a richer and livelier experience
thanks to the involvement of his bandmate kevin p. of the defunct band paperweight.

After four months spent at home recording in an attic and after having played
concerts with travels (US), loïc b.o. and the frantic lovers (BE),
françoiz breut (fr) in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg,
he died while hunting releases its first album entitled ‘we used to dream awake’.
Mixed by pierre constant (mr. regulah, sweek, hudson) and illustrated by jean-françois flamey (nim is tree),
those five songs tell us feelings of everyday and imaginary live.