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Wool Strings - viridian sessions
(live and rehearsal recordings 2008-2010)

track list

01 let's get away from it all (rehearsal 20101003)
02 white and blue (live at Nanahari 20091024)
03 july on half moon (live at Mona Records 20100717)
04 shirley poppy (live at Mona Records 20100717)
05 water on water (rehearsal 20101003)
06 nowhere rain (live at Kinako Cafe 20090322)
07 pinewood (live at Kinako Cafe 20090322)
08 viridian steps (rehearsal 20100703)
09 trees (live at Gamuso 20101113)
10 yah chaika (rehearsal 2008)
11 half step to winter (live at Gamuso 20101113)
12 a quiet year (live at Mona Records 20100717)
13 rainbow bells (live at Mori no Terrace 20101010)
14 pastel whistle (live at Aoyama House Studio 20100530)
15 the gate (live at Machida Pario 20080927)

Wool Strings is a name when Ryohei Ameda performs in solo.
mostly his friends help playing musical instrument
for live performance.


神奈川県在住のRyohei Amedaがソロで音楽活動するときの名義。


start Wool Strings
release "the tree gate EP","picture in the night"(EP)
contribute a song to "A Good Crop"(Eardrums Autumn Compilation)

release "two EPs and more"(compilation album),"language of the snow"(album),
"four pictures"(split EP with Table Music Meeting),
"our spring to their summer"(free download EP),
"from the morning"+"now I'm home"+"dark stars,and our small talk"
(free download EPs,limited time only)

contribute a song to "Between Two Waves"(Eardrumspop collaboration)
as Seasel(with Table Music Meeting)
contribute songs to exhibition of Mayumi Ishihara at DOux CAFE,Yamanashi
contribute a song to "totokoko christmas compilation"