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City on the Bridge - City on the Bridge

track list

01 Watching The World From A Cloud
02 The Golden Mountain
03 Old Friend
04 I'm Sorry (An Apology To A Cashie)
05 Bumblebee-Tuna (Toddler Version)
06 You Can Only Deal With Your Own Problems
07 Interlude
08 Narcoleptic Daydreamer
09 Love Waltz
10 Dream Song Pt. 2
11 Adam's Lament
12 Friday Night. Midnite.
bonus track sometimes

City on the Bridge is the self-titled debut album by Mitch Guss.
The music reflects his life of wandering and quiet observance of the world.

The time I recorded this was a turning point in my life.
I had just returned to the USA from a two-year trip in Japan and was going through a lot of culture shock.

I was never really confident in writing songs but I did it anyway,
probably because I needed a way to express myself and had nothing better to do.


今回のアルバムはMitch Gussによる、セルフタイトルのデビューアルバムです。




After a life-changing, two-year journey in Japan, Guss starts recording music at his home
in the USA for the debut album "City on the Bridge".

Guss finishes final 2 tracks: "Adam's Lament" and "Friday Night. Midnite."
Although the final album is a little short, Guss is happy that it is complete.

Adam Lore, close friend and former band-mate of Trojan Horse, creates artwork for album.

Living on the West Coast of the USA, Guss plays shows and writes new songs hoping to release more albums in the future.
I've been feeling really good lately. I have a lot of new song ideas in my head that just need to be expanded on.
It's been a little hard to do, but I think it's because my style is going through a dramatic transformation.