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the bumblebee bats - Leaving it broken

track list

01 Why does it feel like I'm losing?
02 Love will spit you out
03 Better when you're dead
04 Got a symphony in my head
05 Everything's broken like it should be

Leaving it Broken was written while splitting from my wife.

The feeling I was trying to create was one of acceptance of the broken things in my life.




Started playing the guitar and composing my own songs which were mostly
in the style of The Smashing Pumpkins.
Formed a school band with friends and we played one gig before realising we were a bit rubbish.

Carried on composing at university and making recordings on a Tascam 4-track tape recorder.

Lived in Japan and played in studios with friends and
my Japanese friend Yoski under the band name Silverhill.
We made a couple of CDs. I recorded my songs on a mini KORG 4-track.

I started writing my own songs again under the band name Peach Boy.

I bought myself a 0404 EMU USB interface and Behringer condenser mic.
With new recording equipment I was inspired to write better songs
and changed my band name to the bumblebee bats to reflect a change in feeling and style.

Released first EP 'Leaving it Broken' with cover design by Yoski Yamaguchi in Japan ( )

Currently writing new material under the band name 'PA and the Vanplosions' and these can be found on my youtube channel.